Wednesday, June 6, 2007

coming together...

Wow, Carol, what a beautiful write up and poem. goosebumps are tingling along my body, reading it. It was both fun and exciting at our gathering watching the dynamics of everyone's ideas coming together.

Rick and I have been excited about continuing on with this project and contributing in any way we can. And yes, I agree that we are hearing the call of the earth mother - there is definitely something resonating inside me surrounding this drum.

Rick and I are thinkinig that we will make a trip to Read in July and arrange to bring back some "slices" of what I lovingly call my "mother tree" (she has so graciously hosted several babies growing out of her sides.) Our plan is to go into the forest and ask permission of the tree and let what we hear guide us in our selection and decision. Rick is also going to go up Rose Hill and see if there is anything suitable for building a frame from the denim pine that is lying on the sides of the road there.

We look for guidance from everyone regarding the progression of this project - Wouldn't it be great to have a big piece of land where we could host this drum and have fire ceremonies and gather......

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