Tuesday, July 10, 2007

the birthing of the drum...

So the journey toward toward the vision of an ayllu drum has begun. The large, protruding (dare I say pregnant?) trunk of the tree offered itself. The Spruce tree had been blown down in a tremendous wind that had ripped through in late spring. We showed it the vision of what it was becoming and it let out a huge sigh and shifted from great sadness to a tentative forward looking view.

The physical effort of getting the pieces (we have two) cut and transported was huge. We managed to get one back to Kamloops. The second will come in mid-August. Carol is looking into some details of the actual making of the drum. Rick is going to continue the hollowing out process and carving some designs and symbols on the side. Everyone is welcome to provide input and to participate. If you want to see the drum come to our next fire - New moon - July 14th at 7:30. or Full Moon fire on July 30th.

You might see the drum referred to as Wind Walker. This is because it was a very old - 300 year old Spruce tree that had rooted in a nurse tree. A nurse tree is a tree that has fallen and new trees grow out of its back. Apparently, the legend is that trees grown from nurse trees are known to "walk" in the wind. Some warning had been given to the owner of the land this tree was on that he needed to watch this tree as it was a wind walker and would likely fall in a heavy wind. This is exactly what happened.

More to come on this incredible journey.

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