Saturday, March 22, 2008

"We will hear your drum beat, as you will hear ours..."

dearest ayllu...

again... we receive another email... on March 19th, just before the 8000 Sacred Drums event was to happen... a message from sisters and brothers of the sacred drum in Ontario... and sooo wonderful to connect in spirit with like-minded folk who care and are responding with and through their hearts...

...may we one day meet...

here is their beautiful message we received - for all of you...
with light... weaver (((o)))

Ahnee (hello)

I am writing to advise that drum carriers, singers, community members from Saugeen First Nation #29, will be participating in drumming and singing on Friday, March 21st, 2008. We are located centrally in Ontario, Canada, along the shores of Lake Huron. We have not counted the number of drums that will be in attendance. We have approximately 18 children who have made their own drums, and a women’s drum group of approximately 12-15. We also have approximately 4 drums that our men carry. We have women and children who carry rattles as well.

We are a Nation proud to take part in this ceremony. We will hear your drum beat, as you will hear ours.

In Unity and Respect, BK

Their 2nd message received after the blessed 8000 Sacred Drums Event:


As a message that we received on this beautiful day, we were in our circle drumming and singing, when the women looked to the sky, there was an eagle flying high above us. This was truly amazing, as we rarely see eagles in our area. It gave us a sense of strength to drum and to know that we were heard.

It was truly an honour to take part in this beautiful event.
Miigwetch, BK

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