Saturday, May 3, 2008

my recent visit with windwalker...

Hi ayllu...

I'm just back from my visit with Windwalker.... When I last had been with Windwalker in Feb I could feel her humming energy - I didn't feel that this time.

Windwalker is very happy to be out where she now is, on a small rise, where she can feel the wind, and according to Rick and Ann, have birds sit on her and have the rays of the setting sun caress her.

I had to really keep myself grounded and my feet separated or I was off!!! Flying like an eagle. I stuck my head inside her and she showed my an eagle's eye view of where she came from - the water, islands, trees.

She feels glad to be where she is, yet sad. She wonders if she will ever become what she was meant to be. She no longer feels the pull or strength of the allyu.

Few come to visit or sit with her. She wonders if she will fulfill her reason for being. Rick felt and I agree, that there is no sense of trauma there now at all. She is being kept olive oiled. ... was a good visit, yet poignant...

In munay and in light... Julie

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