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8000 Sacred Drums Ceremony 2012 - Vancouver, Victoria, Kamloops, Terrace, BC...

Honouring the 8000 Sacred Drums Global Ceremony for Spring Equinox March 20th, 2012 from sunrise to sunset with the Otomi nation in Mexico...
8000 Drums around the world.. we will drum & sing sacred songs on this special day and time to connect in and align together!  We hope you will join us... for the healing of our blessed earth mother and all her children...  see all related events below photo...

---> Quick link to windwalker's journey here >>  (in blog format here, newest posts @ top - beginning of story @ bottom of page - see right side navigation for more...)

honouring & dedicating windwalker

- Monday, March 19, 2012 - (Vancouver weaver's circle) more >>
- Wednesday, March 21, 2012 (Victoria) and
- Thursday, March 22, 2012 (Victoria)

---> KAMLOOPS, BC Event...
- Wednesday, March 21, 2012, 2-4 pm
Spirit Square - corner of Yew Street & MacKenzie Ave., North Kamloops
- more info on their facebook group...

---> TERRACE, BC Event
- Wednesday, March 21, 2012, 2-4 pm

Terrace Skeena Parking Lot
- more info on their facebook group...

Good News!  Our ayllu community drum "Windwalker" will be coming down from her community home Kamloops to the west coast in Vancouver and Victoria for the Spring Equinox Sacred Drums Ceremony for 3 events - please visit calendar page for more information, times and place for Victoria events...

---> VANCOUVER 8000 Sacred Drums, BC Event... Salish Territory
- Wednesday, March 21, 2012 - 2—4 pm 
....First Nations-community-led... all welcome

@ Oppenheimer Park, 488 Powell Street, Vancouver, BC 

Google map to the Park here >>

- any other events - we will post here if you let weaver know >>

More Info about the Vancouver, BC main day event...

The 8000 Drums Sacred Ceremony is more important this year... We all know what is happening to our earth, water, animals, environment. This event is open to ALL drums, all cultures, all races, as this is a gathering of people to pray for our earth, environment.

Signs, banners re: Mining actions, Clear-cutting/ Deforestation, Conservation, Fish Farms, Pollution.... etc are welcome.

Family friendly, peaceful action and ceremony combined. A, last stand, as it were for our earth, environment, people, our children, grandchildren and their/our future on this planet.

Bring your drums, rattles as we will gather together to drum prayer songs for our people, our earth... our environment... for all that is going on with our blessed earth mother... We will pray for peace for indigenous people around the world, suffering from war. We will pray for our children, our youth and families. We will share ceremony for our earth, for our people, and all people around the world.

According to a Sacred Prophecy revealed at the Otomi Ceremonial Centre by the Otomi Elder Sages as a Vision of our Venerable Ancestors, the day when the sounds of 8000 Sacred Drums join together will be the beginning of the healing of Mother Earth, of all the species and the human family in order to be able to live together on the road to Sacred Peace.

Ceremony of 8000 Sacred Drums... It is time to unify ourselves and rediscover all the seeds of the Four Directions in order to reactivate cosmic energy, heal historical wounds and heal Mother Earth by respecting life, liberty and the dignity of our Peoples.

The first great ceremony was held March 21, 2004 in Temoaya, Mexico and there will be drum circles joined around the world on the Spring Equinox continuing every year until 2012.

** REGISTER YOUR DRUMS... More info about the 8000 Drums Global Ceremony at the International Indigenous University, visit here >>

***HISTORY & ORIGIN of 8000 Sacred Drums Ceremony... visit here >>

Also... -Vancouver's very first 8000 Sacred Drums Ceremony - as captured by local artist/musician David Campbell on his youtube channel.

• A blog post by weaver: "8000 Sacred Drums "Feeling" Our Vision to Peace with Finally Some Hope"... read here >>

bright blessings to you all - and looking forward to drumming in sacred space with you all this special day!!!

weaver (((o)))

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