Tuesday, July 31, 2007

July 29th - Drum Ceremony

A grand group gathered to honour the making of this great ayllu drum on July 29th. What a wonderful response.... I feel this drum's presence in my backyard all the time. The purpose of our gathering was to both honour the drum and ask it to provide us with guidance regarding how it is going to be birthed. I have tried to capture some of the ideas that came forward from the gathering. Here are random thoughts and ideas in no particular order;

the vibrations from the drum are being connected all over the world, it is important in joining together with other drums that are sounding for the healing of the pachamama;

the power of this drum will draw our ayllu together and has already made us more powerful;

the healing of the earth will begin by healing ourselves!
There is a bear walking around on the drum.
There are two eagles soaring and flying on the drum
There is a jaguar(perhaps the jaguar was brought to mind by my hungry, noisy feline who was stalking us throughout the ceremony

The natural qualities of the wood are so beautiful; that we can make something powerful out of a fallen tree is wonderful.

there are strong vibrations coming from the drum that are already reverberating....
A great sense of peace, particularly in the centre of the drum. A feeling of energy creating a vortex in the centre.

White buffulo calf woman - the hides will be soaked in the lake because the spirit of the lake is white buffulo calf woman - she who has been so instrumental and powerful in drawing our valley ayllu together.

Windwalker, healing, vibrations, power, collective voice, world power, world healing, beyond just each of us individually,

We honoured the drum base by blowing our breath and smudge across it and said prayers for it. We burned shavings from the interior of the base on the fire and again blew our prayers into the shavings as we placed them on the fire.

we invite all to share in the making of this drum. further ceremony at the end of September at Michelle's house.

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  1. thank you soooo much sister ann for posting this important night's insights... know how appreciative i am with being so far away... we so wish we could have been there... and so, drummed along with you all in spirit... this drum is sooo strong in heart!... with love and much light, weaver (((o)))


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