Wednesday, August 1, 2007

we go forth!

Happy Lughnasadh* today... to you all of you, dear ayllu...

just want to share a wonderful Celtic poem (below) i came across for this special day... guess i'm feeling an urge to acknowledge our dear drum who is becoming into being... from where she came... and where we are going together... and to honour the "shining one"...

*the Celtic Fire Festival of Lughnasadh (sacred seasonal quarter of the Celtic wheel - what we know of as the season of Fall) describes what is happening with the light of the world in relationship to mother earth at this special time of year... the Celts have a god named Lugh (pronounced Loo), who is an important solar deity and whose name means "shining one"... he is the warrior of light who is inextricably bound with the earth mother. The earth mother at the time of Lughnasadh (pronounced loo-nas-ah), gives the fruits of the grain harvest, which she has been able to produce with the help of the light and warmth of the sun... she is honoured at this time as the great mother, giving forth of her bounty to the world. "Nasadh", the remaining part of the word Lughnasadh, means tribal gatherings for fairs and games after the hard work of harvesting is completed...

I go forth today under the
Cloak of Covering:
triumph of treetops,
majesty of foliage,
lightness of leaves,
strength of trunk,
suppleness of bark,
power of branches,
stability of roots,
penetration of sap,
energy of growth,
May no harm befall me
under the covering of this forest cloak,
this day and this night.

- Caitlin Matthews

i look forward to our time at the end of september when our blessed mother drum brings us all together as "ayllu"...

with much light and love...
weaver (((o)))

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