Thursday, July 19, 2007


I remember the sound she made as the first piece of her core, of her heart, was finally chopped out of her. She took the chainsaws, the axes and the sweat of two strong men. It was peculiar. I asked myself was she resisting or simply a powerful force?

That morning, I was antsy to go and help get this wood for our drum on the ground. I knew Rick needed help. What help I could be, who knew? The "big cut" was to be around noon, with a neighbours help and use of his backhoe, a convincing earth ripper gripper machine. I wolfed down another yummy brunch, jumped into a kayak and off I went ... weaver caught sight of me as I was underway and called out her good-byes. "Sorry weaver !!! see you soon, love to Joan, I'm not good with good byes" Twenty minutes later, I landed on Wallin's beach and followed the sound of a chain saw to a sight that almost broke my heart. It was not unlike watching the gutting and cleaning of something large. Then my focus shifted back to the tree from which Windwalker came to us. I went back to her to pray, send my gratitude and offer more tobacco. It was she who then comforted me. I was more than a little wowed and humbled by this. I walked back in time to see the separation of two chunks of wood. Could it really be we could get two drums? Wow, more Wow!!! Now the chainsaws are smoking, axes and log splitters flying. Windwalker is holding fast. Then she delivered her first piece of core to us. To me it was a declaration. From now on she would teach us how make her. She was shape-shifting before our eyes. YIPEEEE!!!! Love Pamela

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